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keeptemp0-deactivated20140217 asked: You see, the problem is that when you use the term “white people”, you are inadvertently being racist. You can’t categorize us like that. If you really wanted to claim yourself as an anti-racist, you have to rid yourself of this condition that you have been told to believe and realize, we are all human. You can’t try to mediate a war and abolish racism if you are in fact a facet of said racism. So, go belly flop on a beehive you one sided prick.


When I use the term “White people”, this is what I’m doing:

  • Addressing you

When I use the term “White people”, this is what I’m not doing:

  • Ripping you from your homeland
  • Sailing you across an ocean like cargo
  • Selling you off as slaves
  • Forcing you to follow a bullshit religion
  • Feeding you pig slop
  • Beating you because I feel like it
  • Raping your daughter
  • Raping your mother
  • Raping your sister
  • Mutilating your body when you try to run away
  • Passing laws that declare you to be 3/5 of a human being
  • Preventing you from voting
  • Firebombing your home
  • Gathering a mob to lynch you in the streets with legal impunity
  • Keeping you in the ghetto
  • Chasing you with dogs
  • Preventing you from going to certain schools
  • Murdering your leaders who speak out against the tyranny of my people
  • Encouraging my police officers to target you, and run you through our prisons like clockwork
  • Profile you, whether you’re wearing a suit and tie, or baggy jeans and a hoodie
  • Shooting you because I was following you and you got scared and attacked me

Because that would be racist.


ya know that kid whos at the arcade and is just watching the demo for a game but they’re pressing the buttons like they’re playing?? well that’s how i’m handling adulthood so far

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